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“A Lady With A Song"
Amber Weekes Celebrates Nancy Wilson

Amber Weekes CD Release Event

Thusday, June 6, 2024 8:30 pm (doors open at 7pm)
Catalina Jazz Club
6725 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Join Amber for a special event as she debuts her new album “A Lady With A Song – Amber Weekes Celebrates Nancy Wilson” Get your tickets today!

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Velvet vocals entwined with brushstrokes of passion for lovers and dreamers

Headshot of Amber Weekes in a white satin blouse

American jazz recording artist Amber Weekes has given the world a special and unique gift: her voice. Her producer Mark Cargill described it as “a voice from Heaven,” and hears “harps, violins, trumpets on a cloud of velvet whenever she begins to sing.”

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'Round Midnight / Re-Imagined

This Recording is a fabulous showcase of vocal artistry … bluesy, sensual, sassy, jazzy and spiritual. ‘Round Midnight – Re-Imagined is Amber’s celebration of a story as told to her by her father, Martin Edward Weekes, of her family’s history in New York during The Harlem Renaissance and it has become a fairytale in her heart and mind.

Johnathan Widran
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The provocative title of Amber Weekes’ ‘Round Midnight Re-Imagined may have you thinking that the sensual voiced veteran L.A. jazz vocalist simply has in mind regaling us with a batch of well-chosen, lushly arranged and fully swinging standards.
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Gerry Geddes
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Singer Amber Weekes’s newest release, ‘Round Midnight — Re-Imagined, has a classic, lived-in feel that allows the listener to luxuriate in its style, its romance, its intelligence, and its sheer musical richness while enjoying the rich storytelling and the trove of surprises to be found in its tracks.
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Tom Haugen
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An artist whose quantity and quality of work run parallel (this is her 4th release in 2 years), Amber Weekes returns with a batch of jazz influenced tunes from the past, and she’s got an all star cast of Southern California musicians with her, including Danny Grissett, Eddy Olivieri and Trevor Ware, among many others.
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The Gathering

The versatile jazz singer Amber Weekes creates an inventive, heartfelt, and surprising Christmas Album. In a diverse program filled with swingers, ballads, and soulful departures, the singer is joined by top Los Angeles musicians including guitarist Paul Jackson Jr, bassist John B. Williams, and pianist Josh Nelson. The album is produced by Mark Cargill.

Pure Imagination

Having selected several of Southern California’s first-call musicians to work with, Amber displays her remarkable ability to tell a story and paint a musical portrait, using the lyrics of each song as a vehicle to reach you, the listener. Amber and company explore the music and words of an eclectic group of composers/lyricists; from Cole Porter to Oscar Brown, Jr.; from Duke Ellington to Paul Simon; from a popular song written in 1918 (!) to a more contemporary classic by Barry Manilow/Johnny Mercer. Throughout, Amber displays her vocal versatility, including a remarkable way with a ballad.

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My Story

Making melodies newly that opens the heart and have it beat anew.

The daughter of singers from Harlem, Weekes’ home oozed with the sounds of Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Barbara Streisand, Diahann Carroll, The Beatles, Leontyne Price, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Nancy Wilson.

Generations earlier, her grandparents, Wilfred and Nettie Weekes served musical giants Lena Horne, Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, and many others inside Weekes’ Luncheonette in the Sugar Hill section of Harlem.

These famous patrons left their musical mark on the family. It was just a matter of time before Weekes would step into and fully claim her musical inheritance.

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