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“You’re Gonna Hear From Me” Recording Project

Hi! I’m Amber Weekes! I am a jazz vocalist and recording artist out of Los Angeles. I am deeply committed to the preservation of our one true original American art form - Jazz! Between 2020 & 2021, I released 3 full-length albums. All of them have received national and international airplay and all have made the top 20 of the Roots Music Report. I have another recording project underway, and I need your help! As an independent artist, I am responsible for finding funding for my recording projects. Because of the pandemic, I was unable to tour, my funds have been impacted, and I need your help.

What do you get for your support?

Tier One (Supporter)
$25 – $249.99 One autographed cd in advance of market release & acknowledgment on my website and social media.

Tier Two (Donor)
$250 – $999 One CD and one 8×10 autographed photograph, acknowledgment on my website, social media, and in the album liner notes.

Tier Three (Patron/Executive Producer)
$1,000 + autographed cd in advance of market release, autographed photograph, acknowledgment plaque, credit on the website, social media as a Patron, and album credit as Executive Producer.

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Amber Weekes Round Midnight Re-Imagined cd cover

Website Exclusive

Autographed CD of ‘Round Midnight Re-Imagined.


‘Round Midnight Re-imagined formatted for a USB stick.


Amber Weekes Round Midnight Re-Imagined album cover

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“’Round Midnight – Re-imagined” is my celebration of the fairytale that Daddy made New York become in my heart and mind, and, with vignettes set (primarily) on a Summer night in New York, the listener gets a peek into the mostly imaginary lives of a few in “the city that never sleeps.”

Amber Weekes the lucheonette

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The Way She Makes Us Feel:
American jazz recording artist Amber Weekes has given the world a special and unique gift: her voice. Her producer Mark Cargill described it as “a voice from Heaven,” and hears “harps, violins, trumpets on a cloud of velvet whenever she begins to sing.”

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