Amber Weekes is a “straight ahead jazz” vocalist and recording artist who has an on-going love affair with the “Torch Song.”

Of Latin and Caribbean roots, Amber is a native of Los Angeles, California who was raised by parents born (her father) and raised (her mother) in Harlem, New York.

Among her many influences are: Diahann Carroll, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Shirley Bassey, Lena Horne, Oscar Brown, Jr., and the very early recordings of Barbra Streisand.

Amber has sung since her childhood, and has studied with Gwendolyn Wyatt, Phil Moore, Jr., Catherine Hansen, Sue Fink, and in most recent years with three-time Grammy nominee, Sue Raney.

A patron at one venue described her voice as being “as soft as a pillow.”

She has performed in many venues in Southern California and has also performed at the New Rochelle Jazz Festival in New York and Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. She has also been a repeated guest on Chet Hanley’s “Jazz In the Modern Era” and “Straight Ahead Jazz Plus.” She was also an attendee at the 2020 Jazz Congress in New York City, New York.

Amber’s earlier release “ ‘Round Midnight” was played in markets across the country. Amber’s new release “Pure Imagination” is being played in markets from coast to coast as well as multiple markets in Europe.


Pure Imagination Review:

Translated from Italian- Amber Weekes – Pure Imagination by Vittorio The new album by American vocalist Amber Weekes finds her in the company of Peter Smith and Tony Copodonico on the piano, Trevor Wane and Jeff Littleton double bass, Charles Ruggiero and Nathaniel Scott drums, Keith Fiddmont on sax, Curtis Taylor and Scotty Barnhart trumpet,

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Swingin’ soulful jazz vocals Amber Weekes – Pure Imagination

Swingin’ soulful jazz vocals Amber Weekes – Pure Imagination By Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews   Swingin’ soulful jazz vocals Amber Weekes – PURE IMAGINATION:  If your listening pleasure is totally enhanced by swingin’ soulful jazz vocals, you won’t be able to resist this delightful release from Amber.  As always, the best way

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Pure Imagination Review: Musical Memoirs

AMBER WEEKES – “PURE IMAGINATION” Amber inn Productions Amber Weekes, vocals; Peter Smith & Tony Compodonico, pianists; Trevor Ware, bass/co-producer/background vocals; Jeff Littleton, bass; Charles Ruggiero & Nathaniel Scott, drums; Mitchell Long & Ramon Stagnaro, guitars; Justo Almario & Danilo Lazano, flute; Keith Fiddmont, alto & tenor saxophone; Dale Fielder, baritone saxophone; Curtis Taylor,

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Pure Imagination Review: Midwest Record

AMBER WEEKES/Pure Imagination: One of LA’s jazz vocal treasures serves up a great album for anyone that misses classic jazz vocal albums done right. Pulling Sue Raney out of mothballs and making Tony Newley work side by side with Oscar Brown, this well-conceived set does nothing but hit all the right notes throughout.

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