An Attitude of Gratitude

There are not words to express my thanks to all who made “Pure Imagination” possible!

First, to every investor and donor, without your generosity, this could not have happened!

To: Producer and Arranger, Trevor Ware: Thank you for being my first “Yes” and being the sinister voice behind “The Snake.” When you’re right, you’re right! Thank for all of your years of music and friendship. Thank you for all of the learning lessons.

To: Producer and Arranger Mark Cargill: Thank you for reaching out to me to provide support and creating a wonderful reunion with you, Gabriel “Slam”Nobles and David Jackson; the great insights, encouraging me to “aim high,” and hearing my voice and letting me know that it could sparkle!

To: Producer Kenny (Mr. “Who Dat!”) Sara: For bringing together the team that created the perfect sound of New Orleans! This was our first meeting, let it not be the last!!!

To Arrangers Brain Swartz and Mark Justin: Thank you for creating something so special just for me!

To: Rich Wenzel, Gregory (“the YOUNG”) Cook, Nolan Shaheed, Harriet Tam, and Dennis Moody: Thank you for pulling all of the sounds together.

To: Gregory Cook and Mark Cargill: Thank you for Masterful Mastering!!

To: All of the 20 plus musicians who contributed to this project, thank you for your wonderful artistry.

To: All of the amazing women who helped me find my own voice and SOUND: Gwendolyn Wyatt, Catherine Hansen, Sue Fink, and most especially, Sue Raney.


I want to thank everyone who contributed financially to make my dreams come true!

Rhonda Hall Alter
Paula Bass
Anthony Berry-Smith
Angelique Blair
Aundray Burks
Wayne Dapser
Angela Gamboa
Ed Gandara
Joseph Graham
Felice Epstein Gross
Michael Gutierrez
Elon Gunning
Bernetta Hartsfield
Ralph M. Hockens
Marylynne Johnson
Ed Jose
Katherine G. Kahn
Fatima Lemus
Anna Levina
Patricia Margulies
Myrna Nance
Billie Proctor
Silvia Shin
Jennifer Taylor
Nicole Weekes
Dawn Weekes-Glenn

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